About the Academy

WELC0ME! Alberta Health Services, together with the University of Lethbridge, Alberta teachers and other stakeholders, have developed a new school-based tobacco prevention resource. This resource supports the delivery of tobacco prevention content in Grades 4 to 6 classrooms across the province to educate and engage students about the harms of tobacco use.  This resource is innovative, evidence-based and follows best practice in prevention education.

This resource is aligned with the competencies for Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit as outlined in the Alberta Education Framework for Student Learning. The resource includes grade-specific detailed lesson outlines, interactive presentations, material to encourage class discussion, and a variety of pre-developed cross-curricular activities to integrate into a variety of learning experiences.

  • Five lessons per grade will:

    1. Give students or kids factual information
    2. Help them understand the risks seen with tobacco use
    3. Teach kids ways they can recognize negative social influences
    4. Develop strategies to learn how to resist pressure to use tobacco products
    5. Develop a sense of purpose as they work together on a common goal
  • A fun and engaging card game that creates a learning environment where students can use effective ways to communicate and cooperate. Students build confidence in recognizing and resisting negative peer pressure, using positive social skills together to reach a common goal.

    Get the Cooperative Card Game (Lesson 5)