• Augusta

    There’s no hiding from Augusta. She’s smart, intuitive and has x-ray vision that penetrates walls and lies.
  • Emira

    The bane of her enemies and the delight of her friends, Emira’s hair morphs into what she needs when she needs it.
  • Jewel

    She’s tall. She’s fierce. And she can fly when she needs to gain an advantage over her enemies.
  • Jun & Jia

    Jun & Jia don’t just look alike, they think alike. They’re telepathic twins who finish each other’s jokes. And enemies.
  • Keats

    Keats’ supersonic hearing gives him perfect pitch. And the unique ability to eavesdrop on his enemies’ secret plans.
  • Sven

    Sven was born with a circuit board in place of a brain so he basically knows everything and can hack anything.